​How to help

Anyone can make a difference in the life of a vulnerable orphan, slum or street child. We believe that the young people of Kenya have the capacity to change their own lives for the better, and it is our role to nurture this process. We invite you to support them in the following ways (all amounts reflected as US Dollars, but any denomination or amount will help):

  • Sponsor a child's primary school fees for one year: $150

  • Sponsor a child's secondary school fees for one year: $300

  • Support a child in primary school with books and a uniform for  one year: $50

  • Support a child in secondary school with books and a uniform for one year: $100

  • Sponsor a young mother from the slums to learn sustainable life skills and self-reliance at our Queen's Life Skills Training for four months: $200

  • Sponsor a child to attend our Annual Exposure field trip outside the slums: $5

  • Sponsor a child's Christmas gift during our annual Christmas party or for their birthday: $5

  • Sponsor a young girl's feminine hygene needs for a month: $2

​Latest projects



A program that uses an evidence-based approach, similar to the Swedish model of contract concept, to keep children free from substance abuse. A child willingly makes a commitment for three months (on a renewable basis) to refrain from substance use, become ambassadors for substance abuse prevention, and educate their friends and family on the effects of drugs. Since the inception of the program attendance has increased by 60% where mobilization is through children. Most of these new children coming to the club are either on drugs or were on drugs and are now success stories of those who have managed to transform their lives.

Parents who used to smoke and drink in front of these children have been forced to change their habits since their own children are challenging them. So far we have recorded cases of 12 parents who have been forced to quit drinking alcohol and smoking bhang (cigarettes). During our weekly meetings we get to share how the week was, the success and challenges faced during the week and how they can overcome them.



This project offers life-skills and self-reliance training to young girls and mothers from the slums. Skills offered include baking, soap making, yogurt making, communication, sales and marketing, branding skills, and basic bookkeeping.

The classes will be launched in January 2019; already we have a long waiting list of many young girls and women eager to join.

For our other ongoing projects, click on our Projects tab.



We accept volunteers and we have had students from Austria, Germany, India and USA visit and work with our organization. We always welcome networking with similar organizations whose interests are child and youth centered in Nairobi, Kenya.


If you have any proposals, please let us know by contacting us!

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